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Work at home mom life tips coping with overwhelm As I lay there sobbing, I asked: “Don’t you ever think about these things?” “No, not really. I know you’ve got it handled so I don’t worry about it.” While my husband’s response was sweet in a lot of ways, it also made me realize how hard it is to be a work at home mom trying to run a business, be a good mom, keep the house decent, be a good wife, take care of yourself somewhere in there and try to maintain your sanity through all of that! Not that it’s crazy in a bad way, but it’s so much to juggle and to think about. Then the mom guilt kicks in to scream doubts about your ability to do any of those things you’re trying to be good at. Are you working too much? Working enough? Should your child be in daycare? Maybe home with you all the time is best? Since starting my journey to becoming a work at home mom, I’ve had so many moments where I have felt completely overwhelmed. Most of the time, I can stay level headed, but then suddenly, all of the emotions come flooding in and I just break down emotionally. But every time, I have to pick myself back up and keep going or I won’t make it as a work at home mom. I want to make it work so badly; for my family and for myself.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the things I do to cope with overwhelm, pick myself back up, learn from it and hit the ground running (or at least walking in the right direction) again.

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What are some tips for dealing with overwhelm as a mom working from home? 

Here are my tips and strategies to help you cope when being a work at home mom gets to be overwhelming (and it will happen).

Let yourself cry


If you need to have a good cry, then go ahead and do it. There is no shame in crying. Being a work at home mom is hard.

Let yourself cry when overwhelmed as a mom working from home

As moms, we’re always trying to hold it together, but sometimes, it’s ok to cry. We’re still human after all. 

The goal is to make sure you don’t cry forever. 

But a good healthy cry session can definitely help you relieve some of that pent up emotion from the overwhelm.

Give yourself grace

Be kind to yourself. 

For some reason, there’s almost this negative vibe that comes with admitting that this whole work at home mom thing is hard. 

But it is and that’s ok. 

The fact that you’re overwhelmed is a completely normal feeling. 

mean look at all of the things you have to juggle on a day to day basis.

This is especially hard when you first transition from working your full-time job to working from home. 

It can shock the system. Not going to sugar coat that. 

But take comfort in knowing you won’t always be overwhelmed by the things that are getting to you in this season. 

You’re going to learn how to cope and overcome obstacles that come at you. 

But it’s a process.

Give yourself grace in knowing that you’re trying and you are committed to making it work.

Do a brain dump

Part of the overwhelm comes from your mind swimming with a million thoughts about all of the things you haven’t done, need to do and should do. 

To help calm the storm of emotions, it can help to do a brain dump.

A good brain dump can help get the overwhelming thoughts onto paper and out of your head.

This can be talking to a friend or writing it all out on paper.

For me, the best way is to start writing. 

I will just write down my thoughts in a free flowing manner and it will always become very clear where the source of my overwhelm is coming from.

The magic of the brain dump is that when you try to articulate your thoughts, you’re forcing your brain to get one sentence out at a time and it will help you slow it all down so you can focus on what’s really getting to you.

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Positive affirmations

It is so important to maintain a positive mindset.

This is easier said than done when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Have a list of positive affirmations you can go back to when things get hard.

Have affirmations on hand to remind you that you’ve got this under control because of all the positive qualities you possess and how this business will work because it is your purpose.

Reciting these affirmations every morning can help prevent overwhelm as well.


Seek encouragement

As work at home moms, we might not have anyone around us that can give us some encouragement so sometimes, you’ll have to actually go looking for it.

There are so many blogs, Instagram accounts, Facebook book groups, and podcasts that focus on empowering and encouraging women that I’m sure you can find some that resonate with you and your needs.

I personally love listening to certain podcasts that always encourage me and give a renewed sense of motivation and drive. 

Some of my favorites are Do It Scared with Ruth Soukup, Mind Your Business with James Wedmore, and The Jennifer Allwood Show just to name a few.

These always have a recent episode that is full of encouragement and really seems to speak to what I need at any given moment.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, just read the latest blog post by your favorite encouraging blogger or turn on the latest episode of one of these podcasts to help brighten your mood.


Find your people

Sometimes, it really helps to just talk to people that get it.

Being a work at home mom can get pretty lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. Find ways to connect with other moms that understand the struggles you’re going through.

Look at local meetup groups, church groups, mom clubs (who knew that was even a thing), or join/create a mastermind group.

Finding your people so you can have someone that understands you in tough times is important

Don’t forget that you can connect with other moms in Facebook groups or even Instagram.

If you’re into blogging, a great Facebook group is Mom to mompreneur ran by Elna of It’s very active with lots of interaction and positivity.

Once you connect with some moms that really get what you’re going through, don’t be afraid to vent and use them as a sounding board when things get overwhelming.

They will know exactly how you feel and have their own words of wisdom to share.

Create a Game Plan for Preventing Overwhelm In The Future

Based on what you figured out from the brain dump session, think of ways to prevent overwhelm from that again.

Maybe you are trying to be all of the things all at once. In that case, try to prioritize tasks.

Sometimes we really are trying to do too much. Figure out which things you need to be doing in blocks of time rather than trying to do everything all the time.

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Maybe you need to say no to some things that aren’t in alignment with your goals. 

Be honest with yourself and respectfully cancel things that don’t align with your mission right now.

Maybe you’re feeling drained because you aren’t scheduling in time for self care. 

Make an effort to give yourself at least 10 minutes a day doing something completely for yourself. Nothing to do with business or kids.

Where ever your overwhelm is coming from, address it so you can help prevent it in the future.

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Final Thoughts

I’d like to say my emotional meltdown was an isolated event, but it’s something that happens every now and again. Though when I first started working from home, it was a lot more frequent.

Using these strategies, my overwhelm meltdowns are happening a lot less often now because I am learning how to manage it all before it gets to be too much.

But when it does happen, I’m ready with these strategies.
  1. Let yourself cry
  2. Give yourself grace
  3. Do a brain dump
  4. Positive affirmations
  5. Seek encouragement
  6. Find your people
  7. Create a game plan for preventing overwhelm in the future

I hope these strategies help you in your time of need. 

This journey of being a work at home mom trying to run a business and figure out all of the things can be hard, so keep these tips on hand so you can recover from overwhelm ASAP and get back to business.

Are there any strategies you use that I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments about your favorite strategies for coping with overwhelm.

How to overcome overwhelm as a work at home mom. Try these strategies to get out of the funk and move on.

7 ways to cope with overwhelm as a work at home mom

How to cope with overwhelm as a work at home mom

Work at home mom tips for coping with overwhelm

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