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Welcome to a new year.  Every new year, people start talking about resolutions.  For me, I am going to talk about goals for this year. I love to be able to envision a plan so that I have direction as I am going through life. Otherwise, I feel chaotic just aimlessly wandering about.  So I recently took advantage of being away from the internet for a few days (rural areas still have that issue?!) to just reflect on what I wanted out of this year and what my goals needed to be to align with my vision.

This is the year that I actually become my own boss (yessss!!). I have officially put in my notice at work that I will not be renewing my contract at the end of May (ahhh!).  

My goals for this upcoming year focus on three big areas: 1) becoming my own boss by having an ebay business be my main source of income, 2) really ramping up the blog by writing more content that can teach and help other moms get started on ebay, and 3)  starting and running a YouTube channel to accompany the blog and also a Facebook group to create a sense of community.


1. Transition to being my own boss

This is HUGE! I have been dreaming and planning on this for the past 3 years. When I started my postdoc in 2014, I started getting the itch that working for other people just wasn’t sitting right with me. I was realizing the internet had potential, but I couldn’t quite figure out what that was for me. Then I found ebay. Over the past 2 years, I have sold quite a bit on ebay but it’s only ever been a side hobby. I’ve watched countless hours of YouTube videos and listened to so many podcasts on all of my commutes to work that I feel like I have a PhD in selling on ebay (haha) when in reality, I still have SO MUCH to learn.

One thing I have learned is that ebay works. It is definitely a simple equation. Work = money.  I have learned enough about what items to sell and where to find them that I have been able to see that the more time I put into ebay, the more money I make. So I have no doubt that it will work when I put full-time hours into it. BUT, I need to plan for that lag time before the sales really pick up. As with most things in life, ebay does take a month or two to start reflecting the effort that I am putting into it. With this in mind, this means that I can’t just quit in May and expect to have ebay cover my bills the next month. I need to have savings and/or be killing it with my ebay sales BEFORE I quit.


2. Putting Out More Content on the Blog

One of the things that I am passionate about is making sure that what I am doing with my life actually matters. This is why I became a scientist and then a teacher. I just love helping people. Choosing to run my own business from home is something that I desperately want (and need!) at this point in my life. One of the big downsides of this business will be that I am going to lose  a big part of that sense of purpose.  Sure, reselling used items helps the environment by recycling items and I am helping people find those items that want but are hard to come across out there in the wild. But I still want to feel like I am having a more direct impact. That’s where this blog comes in. I created The Liberated Mommy to help other moms figure this whole ecommerce thing out so that they could learn how to live the best of both worlds. This year, I will be putting out more and more content aimed at teaching and helping others. Up to this point, I have been sporadic in my posts, but this year, I want to really make an effort to consistently post quality content so that I can really help others and make an impact.  If even one mom reads this and finds the answers she’s been looking for, then I will have fulfilled my calling.


3. Starting a YouTube channel/Facebook Group 

This leads to my final goal for 2018: starting my own YouTube channel. I am not exactly the type of person that strives for attention. In fact, I am the opposite. I HATE drawing attention to myself. BUT, I want to teach and help others, and I really believe that a YouTube channel is a great way to reach people. Some people are just more visual than others and having video will really resonate more than written articles. I also plan to create audio version of my blog posts so that busy moms can potentially listen to the post rather than read it (not everyone has time for that) while getting groceries or running errands. I know that I personally love listening to articles rather than reading them, mainly because I use my daily commute for that purpose. Gonna be stuck in traffic? Might as well make use of it. I also think having a YouTube channel will create a sense of community among readers when I go Live. Another aspect of this will be the Facebook group. It is SO important to surround yourself with like minded people, and I believe a Facebook group will provide that sense of community that we are all looking for. I am still working on getting my channel set up and getting content for the videos..not to mention the courage to go on screen, but it WILL happen. So keep your eyes peeled 🙂

There you have it. My three major business goals for 2018. I am excited what this year has to offer.  This is THE year that I have been waiting for. I finally get to have my own business and help others in the process.

What are your goals for 2018? I would love to hear them. Saying them out loud makes them more real (ahh!) but it also make it more likely that you will actually achieve them.

So leave a comment below or let me know on The Liberated Mommy Facebook page.


Happy New Year.  We’ve got this!




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